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    Workshop “Mémoire(s) immersive(s)”

    Ana Elena Tejera & Ines Sieulle

    14:00 - 17:30

    Musee National des Mines


    In the “Mémoire(s) immersive(s)” workshop young people from and around Rumelange were invited to create their own story based on a fictional investigation of the mining past of the region. They did drawings, and simple storyboards and were playfully introduced to new technologies. On-site they did 3D scans of typical objects of the former mine. “Mémoire(s) immersive(s)” was the first SPEKTRUM Residency that took place in June 2022 in collaboration with Diversion Cinema, Paris.


    Biography Ana Elena Tejera & Ines Sieulle

    Ana Elena Tejera is a Panamanian multidisciplinary artist, in the fields of film and performance. She was in residence at Le Fresnoy where she created her latest interactive performance piece “House Type 104” (2021). She is working on the restoration of part of the film archive of Panama at the Filmoteca de Catalunya and on the creation of the “Festival de la Memoria”, a performance installation in urban spaces with political archive images.

    She has also worked mixing audiovisual and performance formats, such as the piece “Bla Bla Bla” (2019): an audiovisual installation, accompanied by a performance created for the 30 years of the invasion of Panama by the United States, presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Panama.

    “Panquiaco” his first feature film premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and his latest short film “A Love Song in Spanish” was in official competition at the Berlinale and MoMA.

    Her first virtual reality film, “Mosquito: Historia de Una Herida” was selected at the Rotterdam International Film Festival and presented at the Panama Film Festival.

    In addition to the film, Ana Elena works in pedagogy and art therapy. She conducts various film workshops with communities at social risk in Panama and Colombia and film creation projects with teenagers in Barcelona through FilmClub France with Le Fresnoy.


    Inès Sieulle is a French artist and director. She studied at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris before joining the Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains. Her work aims to shed light on the contemporary social dynamics that surround her.

    In a transdisciplinary approach, she links her different artistic experiences in theater, sculpture, video, digital arts, and installation in order to create forms of sensitive narratives in a documentary and fictional approach.

    She directed her first video game, “Arnold” in 2019. Her first virtual reality film, “Murmur the Shores” was selected for the International Young Video Festival.

    “Le souffle du Taureau”, her first short film premiered at the Poitiers International Film Festival and her latest short film “Parade” was programmed at the International Kurzfilmtage in Winterthur. She has also worked as an FX designer for the artists Thibault Henriet, and Nicolas Gourault and for virtual reality companies such as Daruma workshop where she does motion capture and 3D sets.

    Inès Sieulle has also taught art classes to kindergarten students through the Umbral theater company in Paris. She has taught French classes at the National University of Arts in New Taipei City and to political refugees at the Ecole Nationale Supèrieure des Arts Décoratifs.