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    La Porte de L’Enfer

    Charles Ayats

    12:00 - 19:00



    In front of us, is the projection of La Porte de L’Enfer by the sculptor Auguste Rodin, almost the original size: 30 years of reflection by Rodin on the past and future of humanity, intimacies of fears and traumas. How does it apply today? Being face to face with this door can transform into an intimate discussion with oneself. An introspective moment questioning our humanness in the 21st century. Reawaken it! Choose a card, listen, examine, and take time to ramble. This project was the 2nd SPEKTRUM Residency in June 2022, in collaboration with Diversion Cinema. 


    Biography Charles Ayats

    Charles Ayats is an author, director, and designer of interactive and immersive experiences. He obtained a Master’s degree in Interactive Digital Experience from the École de l’image Les Gobelins in Paris. As an interactive designer of web documentaries for Arte, he creates participatory experiences, often enriched with game mechanics to facilitate the transmission of knowledge, exemplified by Type: Rider (2013) on the history of typography. Always on the lookout for new formats to tell his stories, he is awarded different VR and AR experiences: SENS VR (2016), 7 lives (2019), Scream VR (2019), or M.O.A (2020).