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    Davide Rapp

    14:00 - 22:00

    Foyer Cine Kursaal


    Montegelato is a film montage in VR, the first of its kind. Hundreds of film sequences define a three-dimensional collage of the Monte Gelato waterfalls (Rome, Italy) as filmed in more than 180 productions, including movies, TV series, and commercials. From drama to western, comedy to thriller, science fiction to erotica, sounds, and videos unfold in an immersive landscape that transports the waterfalls in time and space.


    Biography Davide Rapp

    Davide Rapp (Italy, 1980), video artist. An architect by training, he works across the fields of art, design, and cinema producing mixed-media installations, movie montages, and video essays. in 2014 he participated in the 14th International Architecture Exhibition – Fundamentals (Venice Biennale) with “Elements”, a 32-minute montage film describing the fundamental elements of architecture through a sequence of over 500 film clips. In 2021 he participated in the competition at the 78th Mostra Internazionale di Arte Cinematografica Biennale di Venezia with the virtual reality experience “Montegelato”. His montage films and video essays have been screened at international museums and film festivals. He is the founder and creative director of the Milan-based creative agency -orama.