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    Rumelange and its history, its citizens, its cultural position

    Rumelange is the southernmost commune of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. In the 20th century Rumelange attracted thousands of workers in the iron and steel industry, a field that will remain strongly marked in the town like no other place in Luxembourg. After the decline of the steel industry, Rumelange redefined itself to become a cosmopolitan town where life is good. Today, the town has some 5,600 inhabitants representing 70 different nationalities.

    Rumelange and its citizens have a story to tell, the city is full of surprises and is worth a visit. Proud of its past and its industrial heritage, it is a modern and forward-looking city that is completely rethinking its touristic approach.

    The listed houses and the studio of the Luxembourg sculptor Albert Hames (1910-1989), were acquired by the town of Rümelingen in 2018. They are the subject of a comprehensive renovation as well as an impressive structural extension.

    Under the name SPEKTRUM, the house of the deceased artist, his studio and the new building of the architectural office 2001 will be open to the public for the first time from November 2022 as part of Esch2022. In addition, the artist’s childhood home will be converted into a creative hostel for national and international guests, artists and collaboteurs of the project in the coming years.

    SPEKTRUM will be a venue focussing on process-based, experimental and immersive cultural and artistic practices as well as creative tourism. In its immersive, structural and programmatic architecture, this unique project combines interdisciplinary perspectives on the future and present as well as people, art and cultural heritage.

    Naissance de Spektrum

    Le tourisme créatif comme point de départ

    Le tourisme créatif est une forme de tourisme expérientiel, authentique et ancré dans la réalité locale.

    Il offre la possibilité de s’adonner à une activité créative ou historique, d'entrer en contact avec la population locale, de rencontrer de nouvelles personnes et de nouer des liens significatifs. C'est l'occasion d'apprendre et de créer quelque chose de nouveau, d'explorer un nouvel endroit, de passer du temps avec soi-même et de découvrir de nouvelles perspectives.