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    tong tong - eine immersive Klang-Erscheinung

    Ilka Theurich




    Starting point: A construction site functions like an orchestra. A planning process requires the participation of individual solo instruments, and these are mutually dependent. Alone you can’t achieve anything, only together can you successfully realize the project. With a sound intervention, Spektrum is brought to life as an acoustic space and as a sound body. This immersive sound experiment takes place in collaboration with the Harmonie Municipale Rumelange orchestra.


    Biography Ilka Theurich

    Ilka Theurich has exhibited and performed in a variety of countries and contexts. She works as an artist, coach, curator, and educator of a broad range of projects, including large-scale events, intimate performances, publications, and workshops. Her diverse work includes in-situ installations, video/sound installations, performances, drawings, and participatory projects in public spaces.           Her artistic work revolves around questions of the performative context of space, horizontal democracy, critical spatial practice, and spatial politics. She consults cooperation partners on the conception and implementation of urban planning and architecture through performance art-based research.