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    The immersive machinery

    Laura Mannelli

    12:00 - 19:00



    The playful project transforms the house of Albert Hames into an immersive machinery for experimentation and co-creation. The studio of Hames, the original resident, is inhabited by a play of light and shadows that make the presence of the sculptor at work palpable.

    Inside the house, digital and immersive devices are available to the public. Some of these immerse the public in a virtual world, while others can be discovered, experimented on alone or in groups, and reinvented as they are manipulated. These different appropriations and passages leave traces that the house collects and keeps in memory. These are objects, prototypes, works of art, sound works, and testimonies whose fate is left to the next visitor: will he or she decide to keep them, destroy them, deface them, modify them or divert them?  

    The house is thus shaped, and transformed year after year by those who use it. It is an evolving, hackable, and participatory house-work of art whose author is the public.


    Biography Laura Mannelli

    Trained as an architect, Laura Mannelli is an artist and XR director from Luxembourg who shares her life in between Paris, Luxembourg, and the networks. She likes to explore the digital world by developing a practice at the crossroads of visual arts, virtual reality, video games, and architecture. Co-founder of the Atopic Festival, one of the first European festivals dedicated to virtual realities and machinimas, she has also exhibited at the TriBeCa film festival in New York and at the Palais de Tokyo and the Centre Pompidou in Paris, among others. Nominated and awarded, her works, at the heart of digital creation processes, encourage a multidisciplinary and collective approach to creation.