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    Before Dawn

    Patricia Detmering

    12:00 - 19:00

    Outside SPEKTRUM


    The augmented reality installation „Before Dawn“ shows an avatar that was generated with artificial intelligence. The AI generated an image of the creature from a text by the artist. From this template, the avatar was then digitally created and animated. The text is about how the barn owl, which is becoming extinct in Luxembourg, is genetically related to a human.


    Biography Patricia Detmering

    Patricia Detmering was born in 1980 in the former GDR. She combines personal memories with artistic means and philosophical references to create media installations. She uses digital media such as 3D animations and live simulations, often shown in immersive environments consisting of found objects, sculptures, paintings, and drawings, that are rendered complicit within the overall narrative of the installation. In her recent work, she tries to blur the fine line between the digital and analog worlds by pushing both to the edge of dissolution. In her search for unknown narratives, she is currently working with virtual reality in combination with artificial intelligence.