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    Stella Jacob

    2022 12:00 - 19:00

    SPEKTRUM + Urban Space


    In a world where technology would be at the service of humans, hoaxes and urban legends are only a continuation of folklore; always thought and crafted by the community. Fantômes is a transmedia experience composed of an immersive introductory film, a digital intervention on Google Maps, and in situ installations throughout the city. The latter allows the public to discover – via 360° videos accessible with QR codes – the collective stories of these neo-legends that haunt the land. Fantômes was the second SPEKTRUM Residency in July 2022 in collaboration with Diversion Cinema.


    Biography Stella Jacob

    Stella Jacob is a multimedia artist based in Paris, passionate about immersive media. After graduating from Gobelins school, she worked for five years in the Virtual Reality field. From trash-made costumes to video games, her work is about communities, either online or offline. Through many « low-tech» workshops (writing, costume design, 360° shooting), Stella Jacob fostered the creation by artists-participants of legendary creatures, invented or remixed.